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DINERS - Always Room LP [sold out]

Diners full-length LP, "Always Room", available on black 12" vinyl through Diet Pop Records (co-release with Phat N Phunky and on tape through Lost Sound Tapes). Order the album now and receive a FREE digital download with purchase!

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Here's what people have to say about the album:
-Impose Magazine
-Independent Music News
-Buzz Weekly
-Sounds Around Town
-Pre/Amp Music
-Yab Yum
-Highwire Daze
-Phoenix New Times
-Electric Sound Of Joy
-Middle Boop Mag
-The Fire Note

1. Wide Range
2. Hangout With You
3. Citrus
4. So Free
5. Out Of The Blue
6. Could Be Real
7. Gila River
8. Good Zone
9. It Was Weird
10. Cool Kids
11. Daydream Receiver
12. My House//How Things Go
13. Overcasters

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