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Ash Williams - Pulsar [CD]

Pulsar by San Diego's Ash Williams is a energy-filled punk album with riffs from death metal and lyrics from sci-fi films. Experience liveliness through the terrifying lens of death in space while you listen to this 13-track, non-stop juggernaut.

1. Simplicity
2. Paralysis
3. Pulsar (Fall of the Cosmonaut: Part 1)
4. Dead Planets (Fall of the Cosmonaut: Part 2)
5. Regression (Fall of the Cosmonaut: Part 3)
6. Lycan
7. Residuality
8. Death Echoes
9. Moths
10. Hollow
11. Everything's Comin' Up Roadhouse
12. Regrets
13. Discerning a Death in Space

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