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Big Bad - It's What We Have To Do, And We Can Do It Together [CD]

Big Bad's debut full length album released August 18, 2018. It's part pop-punk, part 90's TV realness and it's all fantastic. Tim Milner's somber songwriting and lyrics paired with the band's high energy drums and distorted guitars make for a compelling album in under 30 minutes.

Short. Fast. Pop. Punk.

Caitlin Burns - Vocals, Keys
Tim Milner - Vocals, Guitar
Alex Zolyniak - Vocals,Guitar
Logan Greene - Vocals, Bass
Keith Amon - Drums

Songs written by Tim Milner

Recording by Keith Amon at Matt and Tim's House, and AJ and Keiths House // Additional Engineering by Daniel Barnard // Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios

Photographs by Brianna Grenier
Design by Sophie McTear